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"homasse asked about the differences in flirting styles in the different countries I’ve been in, and Meg asked the same question only about sex (-_-);;; um, I don’t travel the world treating it like a smorgasbord of guys, sampling various ones from each country (tragically). But I…

Interested in participating in a HashiMada minibang event?



Several of us are planning a marathon/minibang event (fortnight, month, something like that) for HashiMada/MadaHashi.

We are hoping to get a rough estimate of how many are interested in participating, so we can determine how long we should have it.

If you would like to participate by contributing works during the event, please send a quick message to “hashimadaminibangwith:

  • Blog that will be contributing
  • Theme suggestions (the more the better, and anything goes!)
  • Type of fanwork you might do

…by July 31st.

You are not bound to participation if you reply, nor are you denied participation if you don’t respond (if you decide you want to join later, please do!). We are just trying to get an idea of interest levels.

Please reblog to spread the word as much as possible. Thank you!

* Works allowed: Fanart, fanfics, edits, gif sets, essays, AMVs, FSTs, etc…anything you can think of.

Please remember to send us some rough theme ideas (literally just whatever you like in works of them) and a message if you’re interested! .

We have had many reblogs and new followers, but not as many sign-ups, so it is hard for us to guess how many might participate.

Spreading the word, whether you’re participating or not, would also help. Thank you!

Sakura's Swimsuit!!